Discover the Best & Precise Way to Wrap Boxes with Ease

Wrapping boxes are easier said than done. Most people don’t blink an eye when it comes to this part of the process. They automatically assume it is going to be simple and isn’t a problem to worry about.

Well, they are often in for a surprise because wrapping boxes is a skill and something you will have to prepare for moving forward.

box       Photography: Flickr | Kerstin (aka Ella T.)

 Unless you are doing this regularly, you will end up in a miserable situation where things don’t work out for you at all. Let’s take a look at what you need to consider when it comes to wrapping boxes.

Importance of Correctly Wrapping Boxes

When you are learning how to wrap boxes, you will have to understand the importance of doing it properly. Why do people spend time on this? Why not just hope for the best and look at doing something else with your time instead? Isn’t that the right way to go?

No, you have to wrap the boxes with precision.

boxesPhotography: Flickr | Simona

The first reason has to do with protecting what is inside when the box is moved from one place to another. This is especially the case when you’re dealing with an item that’s fragile. You want to make sure the box does not fall apart so the items inside are kept intact.

The next reason has to do with the look of what you are wrapping. The box has to be secure, but it also has to look the part. If you’re not wrapping it with quality solutions, how are you going to keep it intact as needed? You might be tempted using inferior solutions that are worthless and won’t do much for you. Don’t give in to this temptation. Keep in mind that you can only wrap boxes the right way using superior quality products.

Having all these reasons in mind ensures you should be wrapping boxes in superior precision and durability.

Things Needed for Wrapping Boxes

What will you require when wrapping up a box? Know the necessary items that the experts are using when going through this process. Some of the things needed include:

Yes, it is these four important things that must come together to ensure you will be wrapping up the box properly. There is no reason to rush things when it comes to wrapping boxes. And you shouldn’t be taking any of these things lightly as well. There are countless of people who have been reckless in dealing with this matter. And you should not do the same. So if you don’t want the boxes to fall apart and make a mess, try to treat this thing with a higher level of seriousness and extreme care.

 gift boxPhotography: Flickr | Simona

 The most important material needed in this process is the polyethylene tubing. It is essential because it will add a lot of value to what you’re doing. It is going to hold the box together and seal the openings that are present. You will not have to worry about it at all once the tubing is put in place.

It is also recommended to purchase this material from trusted supplier such as Pinpak. At Pinpak, we have Layflat LDPE Poly Tube, which is an efficient solution that works well and will ensure the box is wrapped neatly. If you want a precise, high-grade solution that is made for this purpose, it doesn’t get any better than Layflat LDPE Poly Tube. This is a polyethylene tubing that you can rely on for a longer time. With our versatile LDPE poly tube, you will be able to wrap boxes with ease.

At Pinpak, we manufacture poly tubing in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses depending on your requirements. If you want a high-quality solution for your wrapping or packaging needs, call us today or visit our website at

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Famous Art Museum Around The World

Art, in some quotas, has been described as the soul of civilization. The premise of this notion emanates from the fact that people’s art describes their most important and cherished values, their cultural trends over time and most importantly, it documents their aspirations.


With this in mind, people who cherish and love art and artifacts usually turn to museums to indulge in their love of art viewing or even fulfilling their curiosity of art pieces. Therefore, museums have attained cultural value that is of utmost importance to human civilization and cultural development. However, some of the museums that house invaluable art pieces and pieces of history are in the upper echelon of museums, thus becoming very famous among art lovers.


Regardless of whether the famous museums stand out owing to the number of art pieces they house, or importance and value of the art pieces they house, these museums have carved out a unique reputation for themselves as being sanctuaries of art. Herein are some of the most famous art museums around the world.


#1. Musée du Louvre (In Paris, France)

Le Louvre

Photo credit: Flickr | Javier Parra

Commonly known as just Le Louvre, this one of the most famous museums, owing to the art pieces the museum houses. It is home to the some of the world famous and renowned art pieces, including Mona Lisa which was done by Leonardo da Vinci, the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo. The museum itself is a historical monument because it housed the royal family of France, up until it was converted into a museum two centuries ago.


If you are into fine art, Le Louvre offers some of the finest you will ever find on the face of the planet.


#2. Vatican Museums (In Vatican, Rome, Italy)

Vatican Museums

Photo Credit: Flickr | Gary Ullah

Another great collection of fine art is to be found in Vatican. The Vatican Museum, also known as the Musei Vaticani, houses some of the most impressive collection of art done by some of the most revered artists of all time. Some of the exhibits that attract people from all over the world to this museum in their million include Michelangelo’s artwork in the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, the sculptures found in Museo Pio Clementino. There are other exhibits that contain Leonardo da Vinci works too.


#3. The British Museum (In London, England)

The British Museum

Photo credit: Flickr| William Warby

If your main interest is archeological and ethnographical artifacts, the British Museum is the destination for you. It contains some a wide plethora of prehistoric artifacts. The exhibits include prehistoric bones, Egyptian antiquities including the Rosetta Stone and many other exhibits. It a good place to acquaint yourself with human history and our accomplishment as a species over time.


#4. Metropolitan Museum Of Art (In New York, U.S.A)

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Photo credit: Flickr | Mike Steele

For variety, this is the best destination since there are tons for every art form. There are 2 million art pieces to view, including paintings by Pollock and Picasso and world famous Greek sculptures. The variety of antiquity art pieces as well as modern art makes a visit to the largest Museum in the Western Hemisphere worth it


#5. Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.)

Smithsonian Institution

Photo credit: Flickr | Mark Goebel

Smithsonian Institution contains some of the most famous art galleries and museums in the U.S. It comprises the National Gallery of Art, National History Museum, American History Museum and much other building that contain more than 137 million artifacts. The sheer number of artifacts is mind-boggling, to say the least. However, give it a try and you will be amazed even more.


#6. State Hermitage (In St. Petersburg, Russia)

State Hermitage

Photo credit: Flickr | Dennis Jarvis

Russia is not to be left behind in matters of art. The State Hermitage is arguably one the best place to view the art accomplishments by Western European countries. The Western European art featured in some 120 rooms contain works by some of the most famous artists, including the likes of Rubens, da Vinci, Picasso, Titian, Goya and many other famous artists.


#7. Prado Museum (Madrid, Spain)

Prado Museum

Photo credit: Flickr | Christian Van Der Henst S.

Prado Museum one of the best museums to view Spanish art. Opened to the public by the Spanish king, Fernando VII in 1819, The Prado has served as the best institute to indulge in viewing some of the most famous Spanish artists such as Ribera, Zurbaran, Murillo, Goya, Velazquez and El Greco. The museum also houses a plethora of Italian art including pieces by Raphael and Titian. The most famous piece of art on display is The Three Graces, done by Rubens.


Other notably famous museums include the Art Institute Of Chicago (In Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A), Uffizi Gallery (In Florence, Italy), Rijksmuseum, (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and The Acropolis Museum, (Athens, Greece).

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