Cool, Trendy And Unique Street Art Projects That Will Have People Talking For All The Right Reasons!

Street art is enticingly addictive, both to the artists who design and create their masterpieces, and the street art lovers who have a passion for immersing themselves into the mind of an artist by admiring their work.

street artist painting

For the street artist, the thrill of excitement knowing that a city will soon awaken to an unveiling of their deepest thoughts, a showcase of their untainted art, can create a lifetime of passion.


That’s not the only reason that talented artists display their work on the street. For many, it’s a clear impression of where true art really belongs, not in a dusty art gallery,  but in clear view for everyone to see and enjoy, regardless of their social status.


Of course, not everyone shares the same love, appreciation, and admiration for street art. So how about creating a few projects that express passion, without causing too much of a stir? Here come a few great ideas:


Tape Murals – Tantalizingly Trendy!


Not only are tape murals an easy way to create art, but they are a lot of fun to make at the same time. Don’t worry, you don’t need to confine your artistic inspirations to a few lines of boring masking tape! Instead, invest in some painter’s tape and get creative with color!


Many novice street artists can learn a great deal about cross hatching, line variation, and perspective, by exploring this street project idea.


To achieve the best results when creating tape murals, having a solid design layout is crucial. Take your time to create a funky and unique design that is eye-catching and memorable. Once you’ve finalized an epic design, bringing it to life on the wall will be a walk in the park!


Rock Out On The Street


This is a great project to create off the street then bring to life on the street. Gather a large selection of rocks, big and small, then take your time to paint and design each one. Use plenty of vibrant colors and remember to create a theme, rather than a general mish-mash of colors and faces.


Of course for this idea, you do need to give thought to the manpower that you have available. Painting and designing the rocks is one thing, but getting them all to the location you have in mind and setting them up to create a real street art sighting, now that may require quite a bit more muscle!


Chalk Story


Since art is all about telling a story, evoking emotion, inspiring innovation and connecting humans, every street art project, big or small, should have its own story.


Rather than get carried away with modern new ideas and complex new techniques, don’t forget that every now and then simplicity really is power. Choose a few chalk colors, decide on an epic story line, and have all passersby insisting that your street art really is a page turner!


Certainly, street art is becoming more and more popular in recent times, and it would seem that the growth in popularity is with good reason.


In a world where people are becoming more and more comfortable with expressing themselves, exploring personal skills and allowing free rein to hidden talents, street art is finding its place in our modern society like never before!


Ideas for street art projects are many and vary significantly in size, effort, and effect. Just remember, you don’t have to make things complicated to create amazing street art. Keeping it simple with a few pieces of chalk, a great imagination, and an eye-catching story line, are key ingredients in the memorable street art.


Then again, an investment of painter’s tape, an epic design and a lot of sticking fun can create a mesmerizing effect. Finally, you could always choose to rock out first, by painting a variety of rocks in an attention-seeking design, to be placed at just the perfect location for passersby to see and admire!


Whichever street art project you decide to try out, remember to enjoy the experience, have fun, get creative, and create something that people will be talking about for all the right reasons!

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Fun Art Projects You And Your Family Can Enjoy!

Do you want to know what some of the best fun art projects are you can do at home? You can find fun ways to implement art into your life, and it can help your family to bond. Some common projects will be discussed here along with how to find the materials you will need.

Where can you buy art supplies that are easy to use and won’t break down on you quickly? Avoid buying really cheap items like colored pencils and crayons that they sell in discount stores that are not a name brand. The problem with a lot of cheap supplies is that they don’t give you good looking results. You can stick with well-known supply brands from art stores or big box retailers in your area. Buying online is probably the best way to save because you can find and sort results by the cost and rating.

Even if you’re not good at drawing or painting, you can still have fun with coloring books. They make these for children a lot of the time, but nowadays there are a lot of adult options as well. Some adults even like to get the ones for children and spice them up a little by adding different themes or designs to the characters in coloring books for younger people. This is an excellent form of therapy as well because you can color when you’re stressed and it puts your mind in another place for a while.

Take a class at a local community college to learn more about art. If that’s too expensive for you, then see if there are any classes that local art galleries or museums offer to the public. You may also have places that let you do pottery or other forms of art that you can do with your hands, so look around for what is available in your area so you can find a place to go to learn more. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere, and you should never be embarrassed about getting started with art because you will make mistakes and it won’t look the best at first.

Don’t throw out old items if you can re-use  them for an art project. For example, if you were going to throw out an old table because it didn’t match your home, you could instead try to paint it with different characters from cartoons your kids enjoy to put it in their rooms. Old magazines and newspapers could be cut up and turned into collages. Sometimes you have a lot of supplies at you fingertips but won’t notice them until you look at everything as a potential art project.

There are many more fun art projects you can enjoy after you try these out. The key is just to have fun with it and to work on your skills often. It doesn’t have to be a contest about who the best person at art is. It should just be about unleashing your creativity!

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Art Project Ideas That Can Be Enjoyable

wall art decor

Seeing artworks in person allows you to connect with the artist in a way that just isn’t possible when you view their work online or in a book. The richness of the colours, the texture of the canvas and other details that get lost in translation to digital or print media can often allow a piece to speak to you in a new and exciting way.

If you are planning a trip to a museum of contemporary art, it is important to be prepared. The following tips will help you get the most out of your visit.

Decide what exhibits you want to see the most before you arrive. Most museums list their current exhibits on their websites. Spend some time checking what is on display and make a list of the exhibits that interest you the most. Start with these exhibits in your list in case you get tired or run out of time. That way, you will have at least hit the high points if you have to leave early.

Find out if there are any activities going on at the museum that you plan to visit. Sometimes museums have guest speakers or other types of presentations that you may find interesting. Try to plan your visit around these events. That way, you can get the chance to see them while you are there.

Check how much the admission fee to the museum is so you’ll know how much money to bring with you. Don’t forget to bring a little bit extra for the gift shop. You never know if you are going to see an amazing postcard or a print of one of your favourite pieces that you want to purchase.

Find out whether or not food is available at the museum. Depending on the time of day that you visit, you may need to pack a lunch to bring with you. Although you may not be allowed to eat it inside the museum itself, you can most likely eat it on the grounds. This will help keep you from getting too famished if you are there for a long time.

Visiting a museum of contemporary art is a lot more fun when you put some time and thought into planning. By choosing which exhibits you want to see ahead of time, checking for any interesting talks or presentations, bringing enough money for admission and souvenirs as well as packing snacks or a lunch along with you, you will definitely be able to have a fantastic time at the museum.

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Art Galleries Online Melbourne, Australia

Art Galleries Online Melbourne, Australia

Are you an artist? Or May be passionate about art works? As we all know, a thing of beauty can provide a pleasing effect for eyes. Visual, performing, commercial and fine arts have been entertaining and catching our attention from a long period. Archaeological evidences clearly prove about the human fascination towards artistic works. It has been always a medium to express the feelings of our soul. Folk songs, dance forms, sculpture or original oil paintings, every artwork conveys some sort of emotions or stories with the viewers. While visiting those art galleries or museums, you may feel that warmth and liveliness of those unique creative pieces. Graphic impressions created by some great masters on their master piece works are priceless. Art

Where the words fail, a picture can speak, isn’t it? It might be hard for any person to take his eyes from a beautiful portrait as its graphic impressions have ability to grip the heart. In this modern luxurious world, home interior designs are experimenting to bring contemporary styles. If you are really passionate about original oil paintings, you can use it as decorative pieces in your home. It may enhance the aesthetics appeal of home decor and at the same time you can have a personalized touch in that.

The graphic impressions of these art works set a tone in your home accounting to your personal pleasure and passion. As these artistic pieces are pretty familiar,Art they are even copied a lot by creating replicas or prints.  Original oil paintings would have rich and effervescent color by which reality or an idea is presented in descriptive manner. Hence, before buying paintings ensure its authenticity. There are different types of portraits such as expressionism art, abstract art, realism or impressionism. Decide which one you need, purchase it from a trusted store and inquire about the centers where conservation framing services are provided.

The world wide public can be assured that the art they may purchase and experience in Melbourne, is of the highest quality. This is because this community here is governed, and supported by the Melbourne Art foundation. This institution is relatively new, and exists since 2003. It supports local and international artist, providing them and the public with events, awards, education and promotion.

ArtWhile the captivating, intriguing and charming elegance of original oil paintings can complement your living spaces, it would be equally important to protect them properly. Be conscious about the location where it is going to be fixed. Make sure that the place is moisture free and surrounding environment is maintained clean. Standard framing and conservation framing technologies are can take care of your painting in a perfect way. In this framing procedure, all the applied materials are acid free which safeguard the paintings from adverse atmospheric conditions. In some cases, higher level of restoration works is used in conservation framing. This process retains the long lasting beauty of those famous artistic works. So before it get ruined and loss its graphic impression, give it for standard or conservation framing services

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